Keepsake Jewelry
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Design Guide

     I understand that this design process can be overwhelming, especially dealing with multiple inclusions and so many options. I've created this guide to help you visualize what your final piece might look like. Please select the type of jewelry inclusion you are would like to see from the design guide menu. If you have multiple inclusions, please check each design page as you will see different photos on each page.

As I'm sure you know, each piece is hand crafted and is completely unique. No two pieces will ever turn out the exact same. If you have special requests for placement of hair or other inclusions, please let me know in your order notes when you place your order, otherwise, I will use my own judgement. A quick note about color. It plays a huge role in how your piece will turn out. Since my stones are made of resin, the color of flowers, hair and ashes typically turn out darker when set in resin. Almost like a 'wet' look. Some flowers change color in resin and some delicate light flowers or hair/fur go clear. I do everything I can to ensure that the flowers stay as close to the original color as possible, but some things are out of my control. Hair can be set any way you'd like, but the outcome greatly depends on the color/texture of the hair. If you send dark hair to be used, it typically does not look faint. It will have more contrast and stand out more than lighter/thinner hair. The same goes for lighter colored hair. It will turn out a little bit darker, but will still be more of a faint/subtle look than dark hair. Ashes also vary so greatly in color and texture; Some more fine and dust-like, and some chunkier. They range from completely white to completely black and every shade in between. Most are a gray color, but I have seen many natural colors in ashes.