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Here you will find a list of my most frequently asked questions. I love getting to know you all through questions, stories and conversation, but reading this page helps me out a lot, saving me time responding so that I can do more of what I love, which is creating these keepsakes for you!


  • So how does this all work?!

Any of my pieces listed on my site can hold any of your precious inclusions, including but not limited to ashes, milk, placenta capsules, umbilical stump, flowers and hair. 

After you place your order, you'll receive an email with the sending address. If you do not receive it, check your junk folder. If you still don't see it, shoot me an email and I'll help you out.

Sending instructions can be found here

*Left over milk will not ever be sent back for any reason. Dry inclusions other than ashes can be sent back upon request. Ashes are always sent back.

So to be short- You place an order, send me your inclusion(s) and I make the magic happen... with resin and lots of coffee.


  • Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Please be advised that my prices DO NOT include duties and fees your country may charge. I charge a flat rate to ship internationally and you will be responsible to research and pay any duties your own country charges you upon receipt of your jewelry. Unfortunately I cannot send items "as a gift" to avoid these fees. I have to fill out the customs forms accurately. Another thought is that although rare, losing inclusions in the mail is a possibility, so when sending your inclusions please do not send me the very last of what you have. 

  • What's your turnaround time?

Turnaround time varies throughout the year and also changes with extreme cases like government mandated shut downs. Please see the page titled turnaround time for an up to date answer.

  • What if I am not sending any inclusions? 

If you place an order that does not require you to send any inclusions, such as a mamma ring, beaded or hammered band, chain or a new order that is using a previous order's inclusions, you will need to email me to have this order processed right away. Otherwise I could be waiting for your inclusions and the order could be delayed. (Gift Cards excluded) 

  • How long do I have to send my inclusions? 

All inclusions must be sent within 30 days from the order date or store credit will be issued and no refund will be given. Store credit will never expire and may be gifted. The Milky Mudra reserves the right to change prices and or product availability at anytime. If you need any extra time, please let me know via email. 

  • Do you send back leftover milk? 

By sending me your breastmilk, you agree that your milk is now the property of The Milky Mudra and under no circumstances will preserved milk be sent back to any customer for any reason. All other inclusions can be returned upon request. 

  • How much milk do you need?

I ask for about an ounce. That's more than enough, but makes the preservation process easier on me. If you need to send less because of supply issues, please see the sending instructions page

  • Does the milk need to stay cold in the mail?

Nope! It works all the same even left out in a sealed bag for weeks. Awesome, huh?

  • Can I use frozen milk from years ago?

Yes! I've tested this to the max an have found no difference between fresh or old frozen milk.

  • What is your shipping address?

You will receive the shipping address to send your inclusions to in your order confirmation email. I do not list the address publicly on my site. 

  • Will my milk stone go rotten or change colors over time?

No, it won't. I've perfected my process over the past 7 years and have found a natural, nontoxic preservative that prevents milk stones from yellowing, even when heated up to 120 degrees or in extreme humid environments. There is more to this answer, though. My process is still constantly evolving as needed, and I now use different resin products for the actual stone and for the top coat. If your stone ever does seem to change colors, I assure you that it is an easy top coat fix and will not affect the actual stone. I still choose to use this brand for finishing because of various artistic reasons and the fact that it's not a common occurance (and one that is easily repaired). What can help prevent this is to limit extreme heat and/or UV exposure, harsh chemicals and avoiding swimming while wearing your pieces. If you ever have any issues, email me and I'm happy to make it right. 


  • Can I use pet ashes or does it have to be human ashes?

Great question! Either one works just the same. 


  • How do I care for my jewelry once received?

Resin is a very durable product, but I still ask that you take special care of your jewelry. Because extreme changes in temperature can cause metal to expand and contract, it could ultimately loosen the settings. Please avoid showering/swimming/sauna/steam rooms while wearing your jewelry.

Please also avoid harsh chemicals and harsh soaps/sanitizers. Products containing alcohol or other solvents could dull the finish. If this does happen, it's an easy fix. Just email me and I'll let you know how to get it back to me.

There is also a possibility of your top coat finish to yellow in extreme heat, UV exposure or harsh chemicals/solvents. For more information on this, please see the question above about your stone changing colors over time. As stated there with an explanation, if this happens, please email and I will fix it.

How to clean your jewelry- mild soap and water, soft bristle toothbrush and polish with a soft cloth  


  • Do you offer refunds? 

Absolutely no refunds will be given after 30 days from the purchase date. Within the 30 days, each refund is case by case and not guaranteed. 

After you receive your jewelry, I do not offer refunds.


  • Customized Orders

Customized orders with specific birthstones other than diamonds, custom sizes or custom pieces that are not offered as they are on my website are considered customized orders. These orders are not refundable for any reason in any time frame. 


  • What if my order is lost in the mail? 

This is a hard situation since your item is so valuable monetarily and sentimentally. When an item is taking longer than expected or says that it is delivered but it wasn't, please contact me via email. I will start a search through UPS or USPS depending on which service was used. They each have different policies, but ultimately if it is deemed lost, I will claim the insurance money and remake the original item for you. I will do this as fast as possible and ship it out using a new order number that you will receive tracking for via email. These cases are why I save all leftover milk and other inclusions except for ashes.


  • What happens if I'm not happy with my purchase?

I always try my very best to create a perfect product, but sometimes tiny bubbles or other imperfections can occur in the resin or metal. If there is something you're unhappy with, please get in touch with me via email and I'll be happy to help. I'm always willing to make it right.

  • What types of metal do you offer and what are the differences?

 I offer a variety of metals for different price ranges, which are all stated in the listing descriptions and metal options menu. None of the options will turn your skin green or irritate your ears. I have extremely sensitive skin and have tested each of them without any problems.

A few of my pieces are gold or rose gold plated over solid sterling silver. Plating can wear off over time, especially if exposed to cleaning products or chlorine (pools, showers, frequent hand washing or doing the dishes while wearing). If it does wear off, you will notice a slight silver tone through the plating. Because of the way the stone is set, the jewelry cannot be re-plated without extensive removal and re-setting. If this is a concern of yours, please choose another metal type. 

Some of my pieces are gold or rose gold "filled" which is a brass core with a thin solid gold layer on the outside. This will never wear off. It's basically a step up from plating, and a great cost-effective alternative to solid gold. The only downsides that I've noticed are that it's a softer metal than solid gold. It can dent/scratch easier and cannot be sanded to be repaired. If taken care of, this option will last a lifetime and can be buffed back to shine. 

Solid gold is pretty self explanatory. It can always be sanded, buffed and repaired if damaged, and is thicker, harder and more durable. I always prefer this option, but realize it isn't in everyone's budget.